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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Common Sense Transportation Coalition?

Why is there a movement to open a third lane for Westbound traffic on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge?

Why is the third lane closed to cars?

Does the Coalition want to close the bike lane?

Who uses the bridge and is impacted by traffic the most?

What are the benefits of opening the third lane?

How can I support the movement to get the Richmond Bridge moving?

We’re a diverse group of community leaders, elected officials, and other stakeholders who are committed to improving the quality of life for commuters and families throughout the Bay Area. We believe reopening the third lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge will help fix Westbound traffic during peak commute hours which has negatively impacted our community.


We’ve seen how the closure of the third lane has caused unbearable traffic congestion on the hard-working people who rely on it, and how that traffic has contributed significantly to harmful air pollution that leads to severe health effects on our surrounding communities. 


Our coalition aims to find other people who are looking to make a positive change and who support improvements that benefit everyone.

The closure of the third lane to cars has caused an incredible amount of traffic congestion on not only the highway approaching the bridge but also in the neighborhoods surrounding the bridge. Each day, working class commuters from the East Bay have no choice but to use the bridge to get to work and the current two-lane set up leads to stop-and-go traffic that congests the surrounding area.

The third lane of the westbound deck of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge was closed to cars to provide for a pedestrian and bike lane along the bridge and lengthen the Bay Area Trail.

Absolutely not! In fact, our preferred legislation to open the third lane, AB-1464, specifically states that a movable “zipper” barrier be added to both decks of the bridge. That way, there is a continuously operating bike and pedestrian lane either on the upper or lower deck of the bridge at all times, completing the Bay Area Trail and freeing up the freeway for commuters.

According to studies, of the approximately 18,000 commuters who use the Richmond Bridge every morning, 63% are people of color and 60% of them are workers that earn less than the bay area median income. Most of the people that use the bridge are hard working blue collar workers that deserve an easier, quicker drive to work.

By opening the third lane, we can save commuters time and help alleviate the air pollution in Richmond. Currently, the traffic backup on the bridge is the number one source of non-wildfire air pollution in Richmond. This pollution causes adverse health effects in already suffering front line communities and we can help stop it.

You can support the movement by signing petitions, sharing information on social media, attending community events and meetings, and contacting your elected officials to voice your support. Your support will help improve the lives of commuters and residents in the Bay Area.

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