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Let's Fix Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Traffic

Morning Eastbound Commuters


People of Color


Make less than the median income


Increased air pollution in Richmond neighborhoods from stalled traffic

rsr bridge toll plaza traffic.png

24 minutes!

Without improvements, expected delay on the bridge, per driver, per day by 2024

Proposed changes will ease congestion, reduce pollution and preserve bike/pedestrian access 


Richmond and Marin Community Leaders Call for Transportation Justice

Richmond neighborhoods are being exposed to unhealthy tailpipe emissions from morning commute traffic. Community leaders say making simple changes on the bridge, including moving a bike lane and opening a third westbound lane, can help clear the air and the highway. Read their letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission>>

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More Traffic Equals More Pollution

Every weekday, thousands of cars and trucks traveling westbound on Highway 580 are forced to squeeze into two lanes of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The resulting backup lasts hours, spews unhealthy tailpipe emissions into nearby Richmond neighborhoods, and adds to congestion on local streets and roads.

Richmond Bridge.jpg

A third lane will help workers

Simple, Equitable, Common Sense Solutions

For about the same amount that was spent just a few years ago on improvements to ease westbound congestion in Marin, we can provide major traffic relief for drivers from Richmond and other East Bay cities, including:

  • Removing the toll booths and adding electronic tolling

  • Widening the Marin exit from the bridge

  • Relocating the Francisco Blvd. on-ramp and widening I-580

  • Improving the Sir Francis Drake exit

  • Moving bike lane to lower deck in the morning by adding a moveable "zipper lane." Switch bike lane to upper deck in the afternoon.

My community is being impacted!

Pollution is affecting our health!

Workers need
traffic relief! 

Who We Are

The Common Sense Transportation Coalition is comprised of community, business and other regional partners working to advance solutions focused on creating an equitable, efficient and effective Bay Area transportation system that serves the needs of all residents.

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